Webdesigner &
HTML developer freelance

Graphic design and HTML developer freelance based in France


Based in France, I offer graphic design services and HTML5 development for the Web and mobile applications.

I start by Wireframing with and then adding a graphic theme with Photoshop/Illustrator.

I also propose to convert your PSD into HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap pages, you will thus be sure to obtain an elegant and strong UI theme for your Web/mobile project.

If you are in search of a French freelance do not hesitate to contact me.

Graphic design + HTML5/CSS3 development
my last works...

  • Webdesign loisirs
  • Applicatif Web compatible mobile
  • Présentation multimédia animée
  • Charte graphique VOD
  • Thème pour dashboard
  • Webdesign dashboard responsive
  • Graphiste pour applicatif Web
  • Graphiste thème Wordpress
  • Design complet charte graphique
  • Webdesign sous Photoshop et Illustrator
  • Thème Wordpress responsive design
  • Webdesign du site les Bodin's
  • Webdesign théâtre
  • Charte graphique auto-école
  • Illustrations Web avec Illustrator CC
  • Charte graphique VOD
  • Déclinaison de chartes graphiques pour le Web
  • Webdesigner de sites vitrines

UI designer testimonial freelance

(French Web agencies)

"Thank you for your work and your good mood."
Alexia (Publicis.net)
"The result is excellent, you made me win a crazy time."
Olivier (Helix Multimedia)
"It is really squeaky clean ... Thank you again and bravo."
Guillaume (Les 4 Lunes Digitales)
"Very beautiful work, thank you! "
François (Idéal Prod)
"This message to thank you for the development of the site NexTalent."
Antoine (Nextalent)
"We appreciated the made work and your reactivity."
Paul-Henry (Mad Media)
"I just returned to thank you for your work."
Pascal (CheckYourRoom)
"Thank you for your work, fast and effective."
Stéphanie (BrandImage)
"Thank you for your work and your follow-up."
Michael (WEST Interactive)
"Thank you for your implication until the last correction "
Anthony (Drakkar Communication)
"If we need we shall obviously use your services because we were very satisfied with it."
Mathieu (Le carnet des bars)
"Thank you again for your work. In the pleasure to work with you on a future project! "
Maëva Le Collen (Idéal Prod)